Metal fabrication

Metal Fabrication:

Metal fabrication is the process of manufacturing sheet metal and other flat metals to make them conform to specific shapes. The process starts with sheet metal around a quarter of an inch thick or less. At this thickness, the metal is pliable enough to assume different shapes. Using this metal, fabricators alter the sheet to create a specific shape. This takes place through cutting, stamping, shaping, folding and welding. Another related practice is custom fabrication, meaning the creation of new custom parts using novel combinations of these processes.

All this work is completed by metal fabricators — highly skilled specialists who are trained to cut and manipulate metal with a surgeon’s precision to the desired shape. These fabricators often work out of large-scale manufacturing operations or specialized fabrication shops.

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As fabrication involves various steps to complete the product meeting your outlines. Safe and secure has fully trained team for your work. Trained for TIG & MIG welding’s for assuring the quality of work for the product you are looking for. You can inquire from us for fabrication for any products variety from lifting operational equipment’s to infinite.

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Safe and secure has introduced steel fabrication services according to our client’s needs, the fabrication is supervised d by engineering department. Our highly skilled team is capable of designing a product with full calculations and safety factors for the fabricated products. These services will enable customers to find solutions regarding material selection, and designing the specific product according to customer’s use. Fabrication processes also includes bending, cutting, surface cleaning (CNC Lathe & milling machining) , welding and finishing .

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