Safe and Secure (SSTC) supply a range of Hoisting equipments ( Manual-Hand Operated, Electric, Pneumatic-Air, Spark and Corrosion Resistant) which is second to None.  We offer heavy duty industrial oriented JB Lifting Chain Hoist / Block / Pulley are lightweight compact, portable, easy to maintain and inspect and extremely durable and are used effectively to pull, lift and position materials. JB Lifting chain block is a manual lifting device easily operated by hand chain. It is suitable for use in factories, mines, farms, construction sites, plant maintenance, wharves, docks, warehouses for installation of equipment and other industrial applications, as well as for loading and unloading goods. It is especially advantageous for lifting work in the open air and places where no power supply is available. JB Lifting chain hoist can be attached to any type of plain or geared trolley as a travelling chain block. It is suitable to the monorail overhead conveying system, hand travelling crane and Jib crane.

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MULTI-PURPOSE, ROBUST, SAFE Electric Chain Hoist Block With Trolley…

Electric Chain Hoist Block With Trolley – (Capacity: 0.25~5T) – 3P/220-380V/ 50 Hz or 60 Hz

CHBET series electric chain hoist is our newly developed product based on Japanese and Germany technology with the features of compact structure, lightweight, easy operation and nice appearance. The hoist is widely used for the lifting purpose which occurs in factories, mines, ports, warehouses and etc, it can be used together with cranes as an integrated part of an overhead craning system, serving as an efficient equipment, our hoist promises an improved work condition and high efficiency.

MEETS AND EXCEEDS STANDARDS: EN ISO 12100:2010, EN 14492-2:2006+A1:2009, EN 60204-32:2008


1. Relative humidity: <85%
2. Ambient temperature: -25ºC-40ºC
3. Working class: M4
4. Level of Protection: IP54
5. Power: 3P/220~480V/50HZ or 60HZ
6. Chain size: φ5×15/φ7.1X 21/φ9×27
7. The hoist cannot be used under an environmental condition of flammable, explosive or corrosive air.
8. Brake: adopting D.C. normal close brake, without asbestos. Once the motor stop, the brake can hold the load safely and timely.
9. This hoist is equipped with electronic limit load device, which prevents chain being over tight.
10. Friction clutch: which can make the motor idle running to avoid damage under overload and over tight revolving.
11. The motor is equipped with heat protection device, which prevents the motor to be damaged under overheat.
12. Top and bottom hooks are made of high tensile alloy steel with special heat treatment. It prevents the hook from breaking and being deformed gradually under a sudden extra-load.
13. Load chain is carbonized with good wear property and long using life.
14. Chain container serves as a storage bag, keeping the load chain clear of dirt and dust, and without chuck while falling down freely.
15. Individual serial code, JB Lifting logo and WLL embossed.
16. Standard for load chain: BS EN 13157:2000
17. CE, Serial number, SWL is shown on the label



Rated Load (ton) 0.25 0.5 1 2 3 3 5
Standard Lift (m) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Lifting Speed (m/min) 50HZ 8 7 7 3.5 2.3 4 2.6
60HZ 9.6 8.4 8.4 4.2 2.8 4.8 3.1
Lifting Motor Power (kw) 0.45 0.8 1.6 1.6 1.6 3 3
Running Speed (m/min) 50HZ 20 20 20 20 15 15 15
60HZ 24 24 24 24 18 18 18
Running Motor Power (kw) 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.3 0.3 0.4 0.4
Track width(mm) 74~124 74~124 74~124 74~124 102~152 102~152 102~152
Power Supply 3P/220-380V/50HZ or 60HZ
INS Class F
Working level / %ED M4 / 30%
Dimension of Load chain φ5×15 φ7.1X 21 φ9×27
Strands of Load chain 1 1 1 2 3 2 3
Test load (ton) 0.31 0.625 1.25 2.5 3.75 3.75 6.25
Cable Length(m) 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 3 3
Net Weight (kg) 60 84 89 95 133 166 173
Extra weight per meter of extra lift (kg) 0.55 1.1 1.1 2.2 3.3 3.5 5.3
Minimum headroom H min(mm) 500 520 550 640 720 850 900
Main dimensions


A 210 245 245 245 245 265 265
B 210 245 245 245 245 265 265
C 116 158 158 124 124 127 127
D 104 142 142 176 176 205 205
E 262 350 350 350 350 393 393
F 650 710 710 760 800 850 900

Note: Custom lengths are available on request.


1. Shall be sure the hoist with correct earth connection before applied to the operation.
2. Before lifting a load, examine the load chain to ensure that there is no twist, kink, and no turn-over of the bottom hook for multi-falls.
3. The hoist is only used for load within capacity, any application for over rated capacity is forbidden.
4. Ensure lift a load vertically, diagonally lift or tow a load is not allowed beyond 10degree.
5. While operating, any person is prohibited to stand or work underneath the load.
6. Do not lift any load with the load chain as the slinging tackle.
7. Never apply any load to the tip of the hook for lifting.
8. While lifting, do not operate the hoist for rapid up and down repetitively.
9. Don’t run the hoist out of the limit position.
10. Never lift a load using 2 or more than 2 sets hoists simultaneously.
11. Don’t dismantle and adjust the limit load device by users themselves.
12. Measuring the load by limit load device is forbidden.
13. The load chain should be properly lubricated with suitable oil or grease before applied to lift purpose, and periodically lubrication is necessary for normal operation.
14. When lifting, the slings should be properly put into the hook throat with the safety latch properly closed.

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